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Equipment or Chemical Products for Clean Water

Bluegrass KESCO is a water treatment company fulfilling the needs and wants of industrial and commercial businesses through the use of water treatment products and technical

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Engineering, Technical, Training and Laboratory Services

Whether you're a professional in the water technology field, a supervisor, or the owner of a company, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Technical Training Seminars are an investment that will pay off

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Cooling, Closed Loops and Boiler Systems

We provide chemical products for boiler systems, closed loop systems, geothermal, and waste water systems

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We can control scale, corrosion, and minimize biofouling. Bluegrass KESCO uses a variety of chemicals, such as: antiscalants, biocides, corrosion inhibitors, dispersing polymers, neutralizing amines, oxygen scavengers, cleaning chemical, and passivating chemicals. Also, mechanically utilizing water softeners, water filters, reverse osmosis units, UV(ultraviolet radiation) and a multitude of controllers to enhance the water program and to maximize the return on investment in the water treatment program to achieve optimal results from a particular water source or water process.

Bluegrass KESCO is partnered with an international company in Cincinnati providing solid water treatment that eliminates or reduces the need for liquid chemical drums at your facility. If facility mechanical rooms are difficult to access or deliver to then we would definitely advise considering solids.

We provide chemical products for:

  • Boiler Systems
  • Closed Loop Systems
  • Geothermal Systems
  • Waste Water Systems
Scale In Boiler Tube
Oxygen Corrosion

Algae in Cooling Tower

Fouling In Closed Loop Filter