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Equipment or Chemical Products for Clean Water

Bluegrass KESCO is a water treatment company fulfilling the needs and wants of industrial and commercial businesses through the use of water treatment products and technical

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Engineering, Technical, Training and Laboratory Services

Whether you're a professional in the water technology field, a supervisor, or the owner of a company, the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Technical Training Seminars are an investment that will pay off

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Cooling, Closed Loops and Boiler Systems

We provide chemical products for boiler systems, closed loop systems, geothermal, and waste water systems

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Company History

Bluegrass KESCO


1980 – Bluegrass Water Treatment Company was founded by Jimmy and Helen McGee in Louisville, KY.


1981 – KESCO was founded by Dennis and Patsy Monohan in Lexington, KY.


1987 – The two companies were merged and became Bluegrass KESCO, Inc. or BK for short.


1994 – BK bought the water treatment business from Livingston Laboratories in Owensboro, KY.


2007 – BK bought a water equipment company, Performance Products, In Louisville, KY.


2019 – BK celebrated its 39th year in the industrial and commercial water treatment business.